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Hello and welcome to my personal website.
In this platform I share my best indie projects.



My name is Hugo Simões and I am using my background in Computer Science to unleash projects that move me.

Motto: simple living, careful thinking, collective fun.


Latest entry: Maze needs key
The robot now needs a key to escape from the labirinth.
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Prequel: a Primitive RECursive driven programming Language. a hub for my most polished games and Prequel programming games.

Warpchase: a programming game with PrequelBots competing in an arena.

AlgoDeduce: a programming laboratory to study cause and effect (input and expected result) and to suggest and test hypotheses (Prequel programs).

ConnXxis: rotate/swap away the 20 hexagonal tiles of this puzzle while searching for a better score.

Recollect: sort out the letters by their hidden color. A memory game for those who don't hate memory games. Recollect, don't re-collect.

MorseCodeCore: the fun way to learn Morse code at 24 words per minute (WPM).

SlidingMin: reviving the craze for this sliding puzzle classic.

VeggieDigger: test your luck, find the garden vegetables, dig out the best possible score.

Cross-Pollinator: the more pollen you collect, the more honey you can make. Solve the longest path problem on a small 6x6 grid.

Blinkp: have fun animating a line of 8 pixels.

Maze: help a robot escape from a labirinth.

Battleship: my take on this century-old game.

ZXText: a converter from image to ZX Spectrum characters.


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