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ZXText - Halloween

Happy Halloween!

ZXText - Halloween

October 31, 2021

ZXText colored image

Sharing a ZXText colored image while preparing an update...

ZXText - Tokyo

July 29, 2021

ZXText example

Just another iconic image rendered with ZXText:

ZXText - Statue of Liberty

November 30, 2020

Homage to ZX Spectrum

ZXText is my homage to the computer I grew up with.

I wanted to post a picture on this website that people could only recognise after seeing me.
I selected a few pictures and my initial text-conversion attempts looked promising.
The results are shown here:

Picture of me in ZX Spectrum colors Picture of me in ZX Spectrum grey characters Picture of me in ZX Spectrum B&W characters

The first image is the result of converting the original picture (not shown here) into the ZX Spectrum limited colours.
The second image converts the first image into ZX Spectrum characters and changes the colours to grey tones (similar to the ones I would see as a child on my B&W TV).
The third image follows a different process by converting the original picture into black and white pixels and then directly converting these into ZX Spectrum characters (this different process explains the difference in the characters that end up in the second and third images).

It never ceases to amaze me just how easily people can recognise the Mona Lisa when looking at the B&W ZX Spectrum characters of the ZXText example :)

Mona Lisa in ZX Spectrum B&W characters

February 5, 2020