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Warpchase private rankings

Warpchase rankings are now also available by invitation only.

Warpchase private rankings

Besides the global ongoing competition, you can also enter other Warpchase competitions.

If you have a group of colleagues (or friends, or family members) who could benefit from having a programming competition with their own private rankings, get in touch to create a Warpchase arena.

Happy Prequel programming!

November 30, 2023
Warpchase, Prequel,

Warpchase at Universidade do Porto

I have been at Universidade do Porto, letting more people know about Warpchase (and Prequel).

Warpchase poster

EDIT 2023/10/10: Added newsletter link.

September 25, 2023
Warpchase, Prequel

Warpchase rankings

I have implemented the Glicko-2 rating system to rank Warpchase programs on doubles mode (2 vs 2 matches where each program controls two bots).

Warpchase rankings are updated every week, based on match results of the previous 7 days.

Warpchase rankings

You can join this ongoing competition by uploading a Prequel program (examples on GitHub).
You can then watch how your program handles its competitors (debugging your matches step by step if needed) and upload improved versions at any time.

July 31, 2023
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Warpchase - two modes

Starting a Warpchase match is now easier.
I have streamlined the process of starting a new match by removing game modes and other options (less is more).

Warpchase - doubles and co-op

You can choose Doubles (2 vs 2 competitive mode where each of the two programs control two bots) or Co-op (cooperative mode where all four bots are controlled by the same program).

I believe Warpchase is a deceitfully simple game with many possibilities for implementing complex strategies.
Thirty times per second, your bot just has to decide whether to press the button or not (calling one of the two Procedures WARPCHASE.ACTIVATE or WARPCHASE.DEACTIVATE), but it can base that decision on multiple factors (using some subset of the available Input).
Bots can make quick or considered decisions, trading off a larger amount of executed instructions against an increasingly out-of-date game state.

Choose your strategy, upload your program, and watch your most challenging match (computed on the server, a face-off between your upload and a top ranked program).

In the coming months I hope to find more players and help bring this programming game closer to the wide audience it deserves.

June 30, 2023
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I have merged Cross-Pollinator and PrequelBots into a new website: logo

Find the signup procedure explained in a previous blog post (simply replace PrequelBots with

Users of the old PrequelBots website had their accounts migrated to the new and can now enter the daily challenge leaderboard using the same login.
Users of Cross-Pollinator can now choose their Libravatar and no longer need a BZID.

Play games, build bots, join

April 30, 2022, PrequelBots, Cross-Pollinator, Warpchase

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