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AlgoDeduce - bonus points

Every player who submits a solution to an AlgoDeduce challenge has now access to standardized versions of other submitted solutions to the same challenge.

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Additionally, you get bonus points for finding instances that other solutions cannot handle correctly, improving your code golf rank.

May 30, 2023
AlgoDeduce, Prequel

AlgoDeduce - code golf

Code golf is a programming competition with the goal of writing the shortest program that solves a given problem.

This and other metrics are available in AlgoDeduce.
You can aim to write a program that needs the smallest average number of instructions, or the lowest average amount of max memory, or you can simply try to be the first to come up with a valid solution.
Whichever your strategy, there is a separate leaderboard for each of those categories.

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Even if your submitted program does not provide a valid solution (and is moved to the bottom of the leaderboard accordingly), you will still be able to understand the reason by debugging the failed instance.

Have a good idea for a challenge?
Create an AlgoDeduce generator and setup your own competition by choosing with whom to share your exclusive link.

April 6, 2023
AlgoDeduce, Prequel

AlgoDeduce Generator

Generators no longer depend on my creativity (or lack thereof) for you to enjoy AlgoDeduce.

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You can challenge friends and co-workers by creating your own generator.
With your permission, I may feature your generator as the next default challenge.

Just remember that, similar to Zendo, it is important not to make the secret rule too difficult.

March 31, 2023
AlgoDeduce, Prequel


AlgoDeduce is a programming laboratory and a game.

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The goal is to find a pattern rule, to study cause and effect (input and expected result) and to suggest and test hypotheses (Prequel programs).

The next step is to give users the possibility of creating custom generators.
Meanwhile, figure out the current rule and implement it in Prequel.
Every few weeks there will be a different rule, a different challenge.

May 30, 2022
AlgoDeduce, Prequel