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Month: August 2023

Prequel updates

I have been working on a few Prequel updates (including a new feature) and I'm happy with the result.

Prequel language

This project was born by trying to give my kids the tools I wished to have had when I started to program.
Many thanks to the valuable feedback given to me by the early adopters of Prequel, most of whom are family and friends.

The language is simple, runs on an internet browser, and has a debugger showing the effects of each instruction, step by step.

The main idea of Prequel was being able to jump to the most interesting parts of coding right away.
Games are already available. Beginners just need to code the juicy bits, like driving the behaviour of the bots in Warpchase.

I believe I have created a fun and easy way for people to learn how to program, with challenges for more experienced and competitive programmers.
It is time to let more people know what they are missing :)

August 27, 2023