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Month: April 2023

AlgoDeduce - code golf

Code golf is a programming competition with the goal of writing the shortest program that solves a given problem.

This and other metrics are available in AlgoDeduce.
You can aim to write a program that needs the smallest average number of instructions, or the lowest average amount of max memory, or you can simply try to be the first to come up with a valid solution.
Whichever your strategy, there is a separate leaderboard for each of those categories.

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Even if your submitted program does not provide a valid solution (and is moved to the bottom of the leaderboard accordingly), you will still be able to understand the reason by debugging the failed instance.

Have a good idea for a challenge?
Create an AlgoDeduce generator and setup your own competition by choosing with whom to share your exclusive link.

April 6, 2023
AlgoDeduce, Prequel