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Month: July 2022


A new kind of daily global challenge is available at

VeggieDigger - how to play

Find all six vegetables (garlic, tomato, carrot, aubergine, cucumber, and broccoli) in this 7x7 vegetable garden.
Try to find them in the least amount of digs. Or, be the first player to find the garlic or the tomato after uncovering every empty space (a game mechanic analogous to "shooting the moon").

VeggieDigger is almost all about luck; a nice contrast to Cross-Pollinator which is almost all about skill.

Note that there is a different garden arrangement every day, common to all players.
In other words, the exact same daily challenge is available for all players to solve.

Sign in (3rd party)

By the way, there is now an alternative signup/login button, hopefully making it easier to invite friends and see their profile pictures in the (ephemeral) leaderboards.

More games are being developed and will be available soon...

EDIT 2024/02/12: Cross-Pollinator link updated.

July 29, 2022