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Month: January 2022

PrequelBots - create account

I have found the Libravatar service and it fits my need to validate new accounts, reset passwords, and show meaningful avatars in PrequelBots.

Creating an account at PrequelBots is now easier.
First, enter your email and the password to use on our website and click "Create account":

PrequelBots create account step 1

Then, follow the PrequelBots signup procedure and go to Libravatar to temporarily replace your avatar with the single colored image requested:

PrequelBots create account step 2

Confirm this change on the PrequelBots website by clicking "Validate account":

PrequelBots create account step 3

... and you are ready to log in.
Remember to restore your profile picture:

PrequelBots create account step 4

EDIT 2022/05/03: PrequelBots link updated.

January 11, 2022