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My most recent project is a hub for bots written in Prequel.

PrequelBots logo

PrequelBots features multiplayer Prequel programming games, with Warpchase being the first game available (of a few others currently planned).

Registered users will be able to study their uploaded PrequelBots by observing/debugging the least performant instances found.
Furthermore, a leaderboard is provided, allowing users to see the rank of their PrequelBots.

Sounds interesting? At the moment the website is not feature complete, but early adopters will be rewarded for their contribution when the time comes for a production release.

Grab the limited opportunity to sign up for a free account at PrequelBots.

EDIT 2021/11/22: Warpchase link updated.
EDIT 2022/05/03: Warpchase and PrequelBots links updated.

August 31, 2021
PrequelBots, Warpchase, Prequel

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