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Month: March 2021

PrequelBots sharing made easy

There is a new button in Warpchase to load programs from GitHub.

Warpchase PrequelBots

PrequelBots are gathered on the game website from user contributions in GitHub.

In order to appear in Warpchase, you just need to fork a specific repository, place your PrequelBot code into a file with a name ending in ".pre" inside directory "/warpchase/", and wait until an automated script validates your source code in a match together with two other PrequelBots.
Currently, your PrequelBot has to win one of up to three matches between two RandomBots.
In the future, the bar can be slightly raised by replacing one of the RandomBots with a GreedyBot, if needed.

EDIT 2021/11/22: This feature is no longer active.

March 29, 2021
Warpchase, Prequel, PrequelBots