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Month: August 2020


Choosing a game channel at Recollect

Up to 4 players can play my most recent prototype.

Recollect - ongoing

It is a sorting game with a twist...
Each item (digit) needs to be chosen and placed in its correct box (either on the bottom left or on the bottom right).
However, if an item is chosen but was already in its box, it goes out and will have to be placed again.

So, not only you have to guess the correct box of each item, but you also have to remember which items are in or out of their boxes.

Recollect - game over

The game ends when all boxes are full (success) or when the maximum number of attempts is reached (failure).

Note that, in a single player game with 2 boxes and 10 items (where half are randomly in their boxes at the start), if you are very unlucky, all 20 attempts might be needed to successfully complete the game, even with an eidetic memory.
Are you so lucky to complete it in only 5 attempts? (One for each of the items that did not start in their boxes?)

If there are already four players in an ongoing game (in a channel id such as "RCLLCT"), try joining another channel in Recollect.

And remember: recollect, don't re-collect! :)

EDIT 2022/12/27: This prototype has turned into daily challenges at

August 31, 2020