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Month: March 2020

Prequel - website redesign

After nearly twenty months I finally managed to update the Prequel website.

The looks have changed:

Screenshot of the new website Screenshot of the old website

There was no change to the Prequel core.
The three initial examples were kept: Factorial, Listsort, and Ackermann.
The language grammar continues to be available.

The Prequel runtime now supports limits, both on instructions per second and on memory cells.
More fundamentally, the Prequel debugger has been entirely rewritten.
This effort makes sense since many projects will use the step-by-step program execution capabilities of the debugger, turning this component into the front end of the Prequel language.

Screenshot of the debugger

Try the factorial example.
The remaining two examples are coming next, reusing the new debugger.
Note that, other than the specific input and procedures, the factorial example can be used to test any Prequel code.
Happy Prequel programming!

EDIT 2020/03/27: The remaining two examples are now also live.

March 24, 2020